There are a lot of ground transportation companies out there who can get you from here to there, but the experiences they provide are often inconsistent, unreliable and stressful.


GTS Transportation is committed to employing the most experienced and dedicated career professionals. Through a selective hiring process and continuous dedication to training, all GTS employees perform at a superior level delivering premium service.

Technology & Safety

GTS Transportation is committed to using the latest technologies to ensure your personal transportation service will be a trouble-free and comfortable experience. We utilize the state-of-the-art traffic and airport monitoring systems. We offer online reservations via our Website. Our chauffeurs are equipped with the most advanced communication devices and utilize GPS tracking to route you to your destination quickly and safely.

National Reach

Although we are based in the New York tri-state area, we serve all major metropolitan areas. So, you only need to make one phone call to get the transportation services you require whether your meeting, event or wedding is in your home state or across the country.
If you’re planning executive transportation, a corporate event or a wedding, you only have one chance to get it right. We get it. And we can help.

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