About Us

We are the most popular limousine service in Tri-State Area

History of GTS Transportation.

People make history with time, but we made history with devoted and loyal members—people who not only are specialists in their job but are very loyal and devoted to their tasks. We proudly and historically stand out as the best luxy rides service providers. And, we offer the cheapest luxy ride around. Working for so long, we always mark our best services wherever we visit a place with our kind clients!!

Our Inspiration:

GTS transportation proudly claims to be the best luxy transportation provider. It is getting tough with time to own a luxury car or means of transport in this inflation era. But having convenient transport that looks as luxurious as your dream cars is not common. Hence, It is no less than a blessing to have cheap luxy transportation with all possible comforts and convenience. Most people want to make their events the best, and they want the charming highlights in which a luxury car stands first, but they have to bury this dream. Therefore, to make this dream come true. GTS Transportation came forward to provide you with the cheapest luxury rides in the state.

What does It Mean To Have A Luxy Ride With Cheap Services?

Whenever you have a business tour or need to have some luxurious tour with your loved ones, you look for an economical luxury ride. And by an economical luxury ride, we mean a ride with all the best possible features. But what it doesn’t have is a sky-high cost. We prefer your comfort and savings over our extravagant earnings for the luxury ride, unlike other service providers!

GTS Transportation Has A Devoted Team!

Along with the best transport services, our team is also one of the best in Huntington, New York. Our team is very hardworking and professional, and they stick hardly with the rules of following the strategies and developing healthy relations with the clients !!

Our team has well-trained and devoted in Huntington Station, New York. We provide the latest and extensive technology-based luxury rides at a minimum cost.

Our Economical Luxury Ride Is Our Trademark:

When one seeks the value-able one, he must pay for its cost. Customers realize that it is best to have a luxury ride with chauffeured services. Whenever you look for luxy ride, choose the ones that are luxurious and economical. GTS Transportation is here to make your journey comfortable. With us, you will have a classy outlook and serene tours.

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How To Approach Our Best Luxy Rides Services?

After reading our impressive introduction, you might have been quite keen on how you can approach us and avail of our marvelous yet low in cost services. You do not need to worry at all! Whenever you have a wedding, any official tour, some prom, or any events around, pick up your phone, call us, or write down an email directly. Being one of the best luxy rides providers in Long Island, it would be easy for you to find and contact us. GTS Transportation made our services and the process of approaching it quite handy for you.

It is not glib to find Chauffeured luxury ride services with minimum cost. But when you see us, we are sure you won’t hesitate to choose us !! So now you can easily Contact Us, and you can find us on  Maps as soon as possible! or book your ride now!

GTS Transportation is in the Tri-state area along with Long Island, for inquiries please call us, send us an email, or book online.

Areas We Serve In:

We are available in Huntington, New York, Huntington station New York, Lloyd Harbor, New York, Tri-state New York, Long Island New York, Cold spring harbor, New York, Syosset, New York, Center port New York, green lawn New York, East north port New York & Commack New York.