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Are you looking for a luxury minibus hire near me at affordable rates?

If you’re looking for corporate transportation for your family trip, then you are in luck because we have many options to choose from it. Yes, but a luxury minibus hire is a stylish way to transport your crew. You can go with a regular car service or a limo service to move with your group or family on a budget. However, if you are looking for a more upscale experience, you can also go with us because GTS Transportation has high-end executive transportation options for you. Moreover, a luxury minibus hire is ideal for your tours involving short-distance areas between local attractions.

In addition to it,  a 10 to 15 passenger minibus hire with a driver is a perfect size for a friends reunion, outings, parties, wedding groups, and also concerts with a friends group. Well, we will pair you with the perfect and luxurious bus for your group. Hire minibus hire with a driver today and get cheap

Luxury minibus hire for employee transportation!

luxury minibus hire, Mercedes Benz sprinter van

Our minibus hire with a driver is a comfortable, convenient and private environment bus is perfect for your company employees to getting work done while traveling too or holding meetings in the bus. For urgent conference events, our shuttle transportation of hire minibus near me is reliable and dedicated service for your employees to use pick up and drop-offs at hotels, restaurants, airports for scheduled conferences, business tours, and staff outings. Moreover, our luxury minibus hire is perfect for a variety of situations.

Also, when your business partners or employee’s marriage ceremony held, and your wedding group is too big for the limousine, consider our luxury minibus hire at cheap rates. Our hardworking and friendly staff is providing exceptional customer service, and we closely monitor the entire fleet.


Mercedes Benz sprinter van at reasonable rates!

Our Mercedes sprinter rental is also suitable for this; the difference is in seating arrangements and luggage space. It is handy for bachelor’s outings and parties.But of course, because of the number of seats, the sprinter van can only work for small groups. It is a perfect fit for a small group of top executives, however!

Seats can also be covered with leather and also multi-electric adjustments. Also, each seat has its reading light and stowaway desk. Onboard WiFi and flat-screen or radio reception are additional equipment that we add to the client’s ease. It is the most luxurious and largest passenger van in the market today. So, travel in comfort with our 15 seater Mercedes sprinter van rental available on seasonal rates daily, weekly, and monthly.

Why GTS Transportation Is The First Choice?

We facilitate the clients by adding different fun features to our vehicles, so we have colossal headway in the market. We also encourage you with

Safety measures for your all trips

We aim to protect our clients and the bus partners from any unexpected happening or different bacteria diseases. So, we have implemented new and additional measures in our luxury minibus hire, and also we disinfect our buses between the trips.

Want to make a change? No problem

GTS Transportation offers additional customer benefit policies of flexible change of trips. You can change the date of your journey with no extra charges anytime.

Available for you 24/7

Moreover, As a high-demand supplier, we facilitate our clients 24/7. We have an award-winning team of bus experts that can provide custom solutions to you and your whole team members. Our support team can be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for your ease.

Call us today for a luxury minibus hire at reasonable rates. Also, you can navigate us through Google map.